Balkan Music Awards



Armin Muzaferija

Armin Muzaferija, a representative of a new musical generation, urban and promising young people who use their talent in creating a quality lifestyle.

Armin Muzaferija is in very short musical action managed to co-operate with the biggest names in the regional music scene earning the trust among all generations of music creators. One of the few Bosnian musicians who has proved that he is able to interpret all the musical genres from Sevdah to Opera. In the creation of his acclaimed debut album, "Još te volim [I Still Love You]", beside Muzeferija contribution was given by Hajrudin Varešanović [Hari Mata Hari], Miroslav Rus, Bojan Marović, Eldin Huseinbegović, Goran Kovačić, Aleksandra Milutinović i Amil Lojo and thereby greatly affected the quality of the first material of this young Bosnian musician.

Armin Muzaferija grew up in a musical family, which explains his innate musical talent and interest in public work. As a five year old, when he had his first solo musical performance at the ceremony where he sang the B&H anthem, paved the way for high-quality musical direction. After that followed the numerous festival appearances, notably the renowned children's festival "Mali šlager", then the first recognition in the 2000 - the award for most promising young performer in the traditional Festival in Zenica, next year he won the same music festival, followed by numerous awards at local and regional competitions for young talents.