Balkan Music Awards




Revolt  is one of the most popular band in Albania. Revolt  are : Bruno Pollogati and Febi Shkurti

They had their first appearance in Top-Fest 2 in the year 2006 where their song was listed in the 10 most voted songs of this festival.
After a short time Revolt Klan produced their first Video which was a successful collaboration with MAX Production.

The song titled ‘Fjale nga Zemra‘ was presented in the famous show Lienea Blu at Rai Uno Tv in Italy.

After their first video they continued their collaboration with Max Production and so they made their second Video ‘Me Fal’ which was one of the Best videos and songs in Albania during that time.

In 2009 they took part again in Top Fest 7 with the Song ”Fjala e fundit"

In 2010 they collaborated with the Romanian artist ,Mario Bischin with the song tittled "ID Lover" which had success in many countries like Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Estonia, Lithuania, Belgium, etc.

After the summer hit "ID lover", that was presented in Balkanika MTV, Revolt are coming back with their new hit.

It is actually a remake of their 2009 song “Me fal” reworked and remixed by Deejay Versus and Axel Dario. The song had already a positive impact and Sunrise INC prepared their new song ‘Wanna Be Number One‘ which in the summer of 2011 has its own video filmed in Tirana, Albania and Budva, Monte Negro.

"Wanna Be Number One" boasts a Romanian production sound, which is not surprising given that Romania's Sunrise Inc produced the track. Revolt has had a few dance hits in the past, including "ID Lover" (with Mario Bischin), but "Number One" is better and this track has heat. Relentlessly optimistic and catchy.  The new hit ‘Wanna Be Number One‘ entered radios and Tv-s in many countries and you can enjoy it on Balkanika Music Television!
In 2012 Wanna be number one was nominated in the category Best song from Albania for 2011 at the Balkan Music Awards!