Balkan Music Awards




Miroslav Kostadinov, better known as Miro, is one of the most popular pop singers in Bulgaria.  He was a member of Bulgarian duet KariZma. Born in Dobrich, Bulgaria, Miro began playing the piano at the moment in which he sat in front of musical instrument. After years he decided to take his talents to a new level and thus joined an amateur singing group. Followed by a numerous number awards from various festivals, he also collaborated with many of his friends who are also well known musicians. Miro has been in this career for a total of 16 years and he already has won two prestigious awards in Varna Discovery. He has also been invited to perform in Turkey and Kazakhstan where he blew everyone away including the jury. Later on throughout his career he became part of KariZma, a duet which has taken part in various national finals already.

In 2007, a solo career seemed the point where he wanted to reach his pinnacle and therefore recorded his first songs entitled "Ever Before" and "Lose Control ", the latter being his first single from his debut solo record "Omirotvoren". He has been part of several concerts including as a guest star in the Rihanna concert in Sofia. The Eurovision Song Contest will be his next challenge and therefore he accepted it with open arms.