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Since the spring of 2009, Sava has been collaborating with the Romanian electronic music singer Raluka in order to record some new tracks. Their single "September" has received favorable reactions from both the public and press. In the wake of this success, the two continued their collaboration and after "a few days of producing" a new song was released in Romania. Called "I Like (The Trumpet)", the record was compiled in the studio Rappin On, owned by singer Connect-R, who also recorded some background vocals on the song;[26] the track dominated the speciality rankings in Romania, topping the national chart for eleven consecutive editions in 2010.

DJ Sava's greatest hit to date

"I Like (The Trumpet)" (2010)

This up-tempo record was largely influenced by electro dance music and its instrumental line is dominated by the use of a trumpet.

During the same year, DJ Sava continued his promotional campaign in Romania, supporting a series of concerts in some of the best known clubs; simultaneously, the musician opened a concert for Tiësto in Chişinău. In late 2010 DJ Sava released a new single in collaboration with Raluka and Connect-R, called "Love You". The track received positive reviews upon its release and peaked at number six in the Romanian Radio Airplay Chart.