Balkan Music Awards




Shaya Hansen is one of the most well known pop performers in Greece. Her career started when she took part in the “Pop Stars” tv show. The result of this participation was the creation of the music band “Hi5”. The girl band released 2 albums and 3 singles in collaboration with Warner Music, they performed all over Greece and their concerts were sold out. When their collaboration dissolved, Shaya started her solo career and took part in concerts and recordings. At summer 2008, Shaya collaborate with Stavento for the major hit “Prin se gnwrisw (ta kakws keimena)”, a track that was highly estimated by tv and radio stations but also took an award for the “best hip-hop song” at MAD Video Music Awards. A few months later, she took part at the song “Mikroi Theoi” along with Kostas Martakis for the Disney soundtrack “High School Musical 3”.

Shaya, also, collaborated with Mark F. Angelo for his solo album, “Play.Pause.Stop.Rewind”, with the songs “Far From Everything”-the theme song of MAD Video Music Awards 2010 by Vodafone- and “My Radio”-the official jingle of MAD radio 106,2.

In Septembrer of 2010, 2 new versions of “Far From Everything” released, an acoustic version by Mark Angelo and a club remix by the famous Belgian producer, Emanuel Kosh. Both remixes pushed the track to higher positions at the charts.

Shaya in December of 2010 started her live performances with Onirama, Mironas Stratis and Mark F. Angelo at Gazoo live club where she first performed her single “In Your Eyes”. A few months later, March of 2011, new remixes of this track released, an acoustic and a deep house version by Slick Beats.

Her first solo album released in January of 2011 in collaboration with MY group and Sony Music, named «Resurrection».