Balkan Music Awards




Mark F. Angelo was born in Athens. His studies in a music high school helped him write and produce music, not only for his own projects but for other artists as well. In a very young age, he was signed to the American System Recordings and Red Dust Records Music and one year later to Bonzai Music.

In 2009, he signed to MY group, where he started working with new, talented artists, such as Vegas and Shaya, who is the vocalist of Mark F. Angelo’s first single “My Radio”-the official jingle of MAD radio 106,2! Writing and producing the theme track of Mad Video Music Awards 2010 by Vodafone “Far From Everything” featuring Shaya was a very important collaboration.

Mark F. Angelo released his personal album “Play.Pause.Stop.Rewind” in July 2010 through MY Group and Sony Music. The album features special all star guests such as: Onirama, Vegas, Alex Kavvadias, Shaya, Lydia Papaiwannou, Jamie Jay, Hazel.

In September 2010, his third single, “Mi se Noiazei” featuring Vegas, and two new versions of “Far From Everything” were released. Mark F. Angelo produced the acoustic version of the track and Emanuel Kosh, the well known Belgian producer, did the club remix. “Mi se noiazei” was also the theme track of Big Brother 4 tv show.

From December of 2010 till April 2011 Mark F. Angelo performed at Gazoo along with Onirama, Mironas Stratis and Shaya. Mark F. Angelo and the popular group “Onirama” collaborated in a song named “Turn Back Time” that is included in Mark F. Angelo’s album “Play.Pause.Stop.Rewind”. The video clip of this song released in March 2011.